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Our Story

datasetsDB was founded with an altruistic spirit and eagerness to help businesses grow - to unlock data enhancement capabilities regardless of its size, budget, and resources.

Every problem sparks a solution. And this was our motivation. We’ve spent decades helping businesses of all sizes to scale up using data-driven consumer insights. Over the years, we amassed invaluable secrets on how to optimize consumer segmentation performance. As we helped businesses improve their data strategy, we noticed 3 common problems across industries.

  1. Most businesses collect very little data when acquiring new customers.
  2. We learned that truly successful businesses invested resources into understanding their customers.
  3. Most businesses do not have a short or long-term data enhancement or consumer segmentation strategy.

We saw how our scientific approach towards consumer segmentation helped turn around ailing businesses. And how simple efforts to append additional data attributes to existing data can jumpstart exponential growth for new start-ups.

This was our enlightenment. That we could unleash the power of data to create growth opportunities.

Backed with decades of data enhancement trading secrets and proven formulas that WORK, datasetsDB found a cutting-edge strategic advantage over ALL OTHER data vendors.

Every business can benefit from appending additional consumer attributes that have yet been collected. Our one of a kind Do-it-Yourself (DIY) data enhancement, data append, consumer profiling and segmentation solution gives you the utmost authority to steer your business to success. With our unique library of powerful datasets, you can make sophisticated data-driven decisions through consumer segmentation.

We are data solution experts with unique expertise. And so would you.

The data sets you purchase are yours forever. You can clean and enhance the data set, and kick start your consumer segmentation strategy in less than 10 minutes. In mere minutes, building a robust marketing campaign is all within your reach. The best part is we don’t need you to send us any data. We will send our dataset to you to append the datasets to your customer’s data. It’s that simple and effective.

Running a business today is all about revenues, bottom lines, and profits.

We recognize the lean-and-mean structure of today’s business thrives in. That’s why our powerful datasets are designed to let you append multivariate consumer profiles without spending additional money, time and resources on other vendors, APIs, and 3rd party tools.

By circumventing traditional data vendors, you chart your data enhancement destiny on your own. We’re here to walk you through how to clean and improve data sets, save time, money and get access to unique data sets that no other vendor can offer.

You’re in the driver’s seat. Hand-in-hand with datasetsDB, you pave the way to improve data sophistication and data-driven decision making.

And you’ll never walk alone.

We experience first-hand what works and what will not. And we will devise the best data solution for your unique needs. We discovered the data enhancement approach that works for all businesses. And you can now tap on our expertise to forge forward ahead of the competition.

We have your back covered.

This is our story.