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Datasets To Enrich & Clean Customer's Data

Datasets To Empower Your Business

#1 Data Append, Data Enrichment, Data Enhancement, Data Cleansing and Lead Scoring Solution

Add Thousands of Customer Attributes In Less Than Ten Minutes

Gender, Age Group, Geo-Demographics, Household Income, Employment, Reverse Zip Code, Reverse Email Domain, BIN/INN Reverse Append and More


WHY datasetsDB.com: The "Why" Before The Buy

Discover powerful and unique datasets to enrich, enhance and clean your customers data and scale your business. 

datastestDB is Do-It-Yourself data append solution for Marketers, Data Analysts and Data Scientists. We help businesses to unleash the power of their data.

Outsmarting Consumer Segmentation. Together.

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How it works

Follow 3 simple steps to enrich your customers data in 30 minutes or less:

1. Access our dataset (5 minutes or less)

2. Upload the dataset to your Database / CRM environment (15 minutes or less)

3. Append the dataset  to your customers (10 minutes or less)

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what we offer

Dozens of datasets with over 600+ data attributes to enhance customer's data.

datasets for Prospect Targeting, Precise Segmentation, Strategic Marketing Campaigns, User Engagement, Content Personalization and Lead Scoring.

Save Time. Save Money. Append-it-Yourself.

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Our Story

datasetsDB.com was founded with an altruistic spirit and eagerness to help businesses grow - to unlock data enrichment capabilities of its size, budget and resources. 

Every problem sparks a solution. And this was our motivation. We’ve spent decades helping businesses of all sizes to scale up using data-driven consumer insights. Over the years, we amassed invaluable secrets on how to optimize consumer segmentation performance.


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